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DECIBULLZ Custom Fit Earplugs

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Decibullz Custom Fit Earplugs provide premium high-performance hearing protection that is unmatched by traditional earplugs. Made with thermoplastic custom molds, they easily and quickly adapt to the exact shape of your ear, offering a noise reduction of up to 31 decibels.

This re-moldable earplug is the only one available on the market that ensures you always get the perfect fit. Once you heat them in hot water, simply put them in your ears and they will adjust to the exact shape for your maximum comfort.

With Decibullz, you get the best fit, comfort, and protection available. This package comes with carrying pouch, foam tips, and S, M, L triple flange tips. Protect your hearing with Decibullz Custom Fit Earplugs, the ultimate solution for all your noise reduction needs.